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The first reference to Shilton occurs in the form of Sculfton in a charter dated 25th January 1205. It was a small beautiful village then and has remained so taking its name from the River Shil that runs through its centre and close to The Chestnuts. Shilton is one of the quintessential, but relatively unknown villages in the Cotswolds and is set in a small valley with the pond / ford at its centre.

In medieval times there was a Cistercian settlement here consisting of a Grange, tithe barn, dovecote, fishpond and rabbit warren and Shilton was once a thriving farming community consisting of six farms, with four farmyards right in the centre of the village. There was a baker, blacksmith, post office and for a time two shops, a band and also cricket and football teams. Alas only the pub survives, but it is a great pub. It dates from the 1600s and is just a few steps from The Chestnuts (see Eat, Drink section) and the shops are just a short drive away.

Shilton may appear to be a sleepy village but lots of events are organised throughout the year . Highlights to look out for are the village Easter Egg Rolling and Duck Race, the Garden Open Day in June, the annual village Summer Fete in August and the door to door Carol singing and Christmas Candlelight service.


The Natural Year - A taster of what you can experience in and around the Shilton Countryside

There is never a best time to visit The Cotswolds, one of its glories is that all year round there is something to see and enjoy. Below is a small taster of what you might expect to see in the natural world and the approximate weather conditions of the region. Overseas visitors may find this particularly useful. The figures are obtained from Brize Norton weather base which is less than 5 miles from Shilton village. The Chestnuts is a toasty house but as you will see below temperatures outside can sometimes get a little chilly in winter, so always bring a jumper.

Summer June 21st - September 20th

Average Temperature  -  66f (19c) June, 68f (20c) July, 68f (20c) August and 64f (18c) September

Average Rainfall  - June 1.9 inches (48mm), July 1.8 inches (46mm), August 2.4 inches (61mm) September 1.8 inches (46mm)

Autumn September 21st - December 20th

Average Temperatures - September 64f (18c) October 57f (14c) November 48f (9c), December 42f (6c)

Average Rainfall - September 1.8 inches (46mm), October 2 inches (51mm), November 2.7 inches (68mm), December 2.3 inches (58mm)

Winter December 21st - March 20th


Average Temperature - December 42f (6c), January 41f (5c), February 42f (6c), March 48f (9c).

Average Rainfall - December 2.3inches (58mm), January 2 inches (51mm), February 1.3 inches (33mm), March 1.8inches (46mm)

Spring March 21st - June 20th

Average Temperature - March 48f (9c), April 53f  (12c), May 60f (16c)  June 66f (19c)

Average Rainfall - March 1.8 inches (46mm), April 1.4 inches (35mm), May 1.7 inches (43mm) June 1.9 inches (48mm)


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